Gimnástico and Levante F.C.

The end of the Civil War radically altered the status of Levante F.C. and Gimnástico F.C. In August 1939, the Valencian newspapers announced the merger of these two historic clubs. The UDLG (Levante-Gimnástico Sports Union) was born.

News from the Las Provincias newspaper of 1940

The end of the Civil War led to a substantial change in the roles of Levante and Gimnástico. Their images merged creating a new organisation and a new team that would play their matches at the Vallejo Stadium. The events took place during the summer of 1939. Las Provincias announced this alliance at the start of August. It was news that disrupted Valencian football because of its relevance. The two clubs, whose roots were sunk in the mists of time, agreed to unite their destinies in order to survive by virtue of reconstruction. Rafael Valls and Isaías Aspas, representing each club, signed this agreement that altered the identity of both organisations.

UDLG team in the 1939-1940 season

The Valencian Federation was a participant in this link between two teams of distinct images. The UDLG would alter the characteristic uniform of each club to compete wearing white and red colours. Economic, political, and sport issues were the basis of this union, and the amalgamation proved to be complex for all. The UDLG competed in the Second Division, although they tried hard to attain a place in the elite division by virtue of both clubs’ history during the re-establishment of sporting competitions played on Spanish soil in the summer period of 1939. However, this attempt did not succeed.

Match sheet against Murcia in March 1940

UDLG was included in Group III of the Second Division. Their dominance in the 1939-1940 season was unquestionable after regularly reaching the top of the standings during the roll-out of the championship. Adorned with champion status, they dreamed of promotion to the First Division. A season later, they became one of the great entertainers of the League in the Second Division, although they did not reach promotion level. In the Copa de Generalisimo the team was projected to lose in the quarterfinals against Espanyol, although the play-off was resolved with a third match after ties played in the Sarrià and Vallejo stadiums.