Study and Documentation Centre

The Department of Historical Heritage of Levante U.D. is a project that was created with the main vocation of structuring the legacy that makes up the centenary history of the institution from the beginnings of 1909, with the birth of Levante F.C. and Real Gimnástico F.C., to the most recent times.

A Past to Honour, a Future to Conquer

This is our motto, to approach that past, to solidify its roots becomes a suggestive challenge to strengthen the sense of belonging, it has become a vital philosophy that summarises the state of Levante U.D. at the start of the third millennium.

The Department of Historical Heritage of Levante U.D., through the Centre of Studies and Documentation, aims to become an open forum for reflection and analysis of Levante’s history. The established challenge includes organising this historical sequence with the aim of articulating the necessary means so that both researchers and professionals, from very different fields, can have access to the materials under custody for their examination.

The aim is to approach this study from a historical perspective, but without banishing the connotations and realities of the present.

At the same time, this centre aims to conserve, safeguard and disseminate the history of Levante U.D. through the documentation generated by the entity throughout its history, as well as the documents that could be included in the archive by virtue of donations or transfers.

The documentation being worked on includes:

  • – Minute Books.
  • – Extraordinary General Meetings of successive Levante UD Boards of Directors.
  • – Internal and external correspondence.
  • – Documents related to the different scenarios linked to the history of Levante or Gimnástico..
  • –Files on first team players and coaches, as well as graphic and audio-visual material.
  • -Graphic materials, audiovisuals, exhibitions and any other type of support that is closely related to football practice and activity..

In fact, you can discover part of this project every day in the world of social networks through the official Twitter feed @LUDhistoria.