Welcome to our History

The Levante U.D. management team has made a great commitment to the Club’s historical heritage.

We start from the premise that we should know where we come from and be proud of where we are, and we want to walk this long road together, in the good and the not so good, as what we are, a big family..
In light of the phrase “How great it is to be Small” we changed and we showed ourselves to the public shouting what the Granota fans have always known “We have been Great and we are still Great” and now we want everyone to see it.

To this fan that has accompanied us throughout history, in hard times and in the sweetness of success, here we present the historical heritage of Levante, we want to put it at your disposal and we are working for it.

This does not stop here… it is the basis of the project that the club will undertake in the future to have its own museum in the stadium facilities.
For this project to go ahead, as for everything else, we need the collaboration of our fans.

It is the moment for all Levantinistas to contribute to the enhancement of our history by means of memorabilia from different eras. We at the Club are committed to ensuring that they receive the treatment and consideration they deserve, both for the object and for the person who has taken the care and care to preserve them to date.

There are different ways to collaborate:

Donation: The object that becomes the property of the Club, indicating its origin if the donor does not wish to remain anonymous.

Cession: Ownership remains unchanged, and the Club accesses the object temporarily for processing and the original is returned to the owner, with the Club keeping a copy for virtual exhibition.

Safekeeping: As in the previous case, ownership does not change and the object and document is temporarily ceded to the club for treatment and exhibition of the original, remaining in the club’s facilities or exhibitions in which they form part for the agreed period of time and being returned to their owners when they are required.

Help us to make this challenge grow so that it can be prepared for us all to enjoy the future museum within the overall project of the stadium renovation.

¿Where are We??

We are located in Estadio Ciutat de València in San Vicente de Paul 44. P.C. 46019.
It is very easy to contact us:
You can contact the following e-mail addresses or
Or tot he phone: 610 475 015

Do you want to contribute to Levante’s historical museum? Do you have historical objects of sentimental value in your home? Then now is the time to get in touch with the club, via email (, and we will explain how you can cede or donate this object and the prominence it will have in the club’s future virtual museum.