Levante F.C.

José Ballester Gozalvo


José Ballester was the first president of Levante F.C. His name appears in the press release published by El Pueblo on 7 September 1909. Ballester heads the Board of Directors that marks the beginning of the society linked to Poblados Marítimos, son of the pedagogue Vicente Ballester Fandos, the Ballester family is fundamental in the regulation of the original Levante F.C.

Gimnástico F.C.

Amador Sanchis


Amador Sanchís became the first president of the Gimnástico F.C. It was in 1909. Sanchís was associated at that time with Father Narciso Basté, director of the Obra Social del Patronato de la Juventud Obrera. He was a footballer, referee, manager and also a journalist in Diario de Valencia. From this newspaper, and under the pseudonym of Seg, he made up the discourse of the dean of the city. After the merger, he was president of Levante U.D.

Chairmen of Levante U.D. by periods

Rafael Valls 1939-1941
Luis Moscardó 1941-1943
Emilio Bello 1943-1944 (first mandate)
Isaías Aspas 1944-1945
Francisco Belenguer 1945-1949
Vicente Gil y Morte 1949-1950
Manuel Alepuz 1950-1951
Amador Sanchís 1951
Emilio Bello 1952 (second mandate)
Antonio Román 1952-1959 (first mandate)
José Navarro 1960-1962
Eduardo Clérigues 1962-1966
Antonio Román 1966-1970 (second mandate)
Grau Torralba 1971-1977
Santiago Sanz 1977-1979
Francisco Aznar 1979-1981
Federico Cortés 1981
Antonio Aragonés 1982-1986
Ramón Victoria 1986-1994
José Luis López 1994-1995
Abel Guillen 1995-1996
Pedro Villarroel 1996-2002 (first mandate)
Antonio Blasco 2002-2004
Pedro Villarroel 2004-2006 (second mandate)
Julio Romero 2006-2008
Jesús Serna 2009
Francisco Catalán 2010-