Salvador Mut was an established goalkeeper in Primera División football when he decided to turn his career around and return to his native Valencia. It was in the late sixties. That Levante was competing on the threshold of the Silver Division. Mut’s record was full of silverware with a Sevilla side that excelled in the elite. It was not easy to retrace the career undertaken at the foot of the capital of the Giralda. And it was not easy to land in a Levante team that slipped from the Second Division to the hell of the Third Division due to an unexpected restructuring of the Silver Division at the end of the 1967-1968 season. Mut was an exceptional witness to Vallejo’s transition to the current Ciutat de València. He was the keeper who guarded the Granota goal in the Mestalla season and was part of the squad that managed to win back the Second Division in the 1972-1973 season. During his time with the Blue and Whites, he showed an unwavering loyalty to the Blue and Whites’ colours. In that sense, he was much more than a goalkeeper who perhaps did not feel rewarded for his actions both on and off the pitch. The interview took place at L’ETNO in the room that displays the exhibition ‘DE GRANOTES, GATS I PALMERES, els orígens del Levante UD’ at the foot of a giant photograph that shows the Portal de Vallejo that Mut crossed so many times to venture towards the Estadio de Vallejo.