It was perhaps one of the main activities of the exhibition ‘DE GRANOTES, GATS I PALMERES, els origens del Levante UD’ which will be open to the public until 30 June. In the grandiose Alfons el Magnànim hall we play with time to recreate the historic promotion of the granota squad to the First Division. From the winter of 2023, we moved back in time to the spring of 1963 to recall the adventures of that team that reached the highest category of Spanish football on the 2nd of June. Behind them was a tricky promotion/relegation play-off against Deportivo de La Coruña, then known as Coruña.

El partido definitivo tuvo como epicentro el egregio escenario del feudo de Vallejo. Las huestes granotas alcanzaron tan magna cita con la adrenalida por las nubes tras la victoria conquistada en el coliseo gallego en el choque que significó la apertura de la confrontación (1-2). Y conjugaron con el triunfo apenas siete días más tarde (2-1).

Carlos Ayats, one of the authoritative voices of the militant Levantinismo of the present, travelled back in time to add epic proportions to a memorable promotion that still lingers in the imagination of the Blue and Whites’ supporters. Ayats performed magic to give notoriety to a match of major significance given the importance of the events that took place in the old blaugrana stadium in Alboraya street. His narration was as sublime as it was exquisite. The remoteness that accentuates the passage of time was not an unalterable component to revive a memorable day.

Modernity and a past event merged with Ayats as a nexus of union. The emotions were justified. Rodri, Calpe, Pedreño, Céspedes, Currucale, Vall, Castelló, Camarasa, Serafín, Domínguez and Wanderley returned to the trenches of football in a memorable afternoon that ended with the legendary promotion to the elite. The event concluded with a talk, led by Ayats, which was attended by Paco Nadal, Yolanda Damià and Emilio Nadal. In the prolegomena, Pau Ballester sang the line-up with his characteristic vehemence.