Alberto Pacual Escriche was in goal for Levante in the second half of the 1940s. The object loaned by his family allows us to take a deep journey back in time to trace a very different football from the current one. The boots worn by the goalkeeper remind us of his time in Levante society. It is clear that the boots have evolved in line with the changes in the discipline. Perhaps the most striking feature is the absence of the everlasting studs. In their place is a strip of wood that covers the surface of the sole from one side to the other.

The robustness of the leather should be emphasised, possibly corresponding to the hardness of those balls of the time, which weighed three quintals. It is an example of sobriety, in contrast to the colourful blouses worn by the players today. Its value lies precisely in the effect that time confers and in the charm that a careful look produces. Its vision projects you into a past to be discovered. It is one of the oldest pieces in the current Levante U.D. virtual museum.