The Copa de la España Libre, also popularly known as the Copa de la República, was won by Levante U.D. in 2007, although the various confrontations for its achievement took place 70 years ago. This is how many of the media announced the official recognition of the Copa de la República by the congress on 25th September 2007.

The process was the culmination of a historical and social demand by Levantinism, but which Isaura Navarro had launched by means of a formal proposal to the Congress of Deputies in 2005.

The IU-ICV parliamentary group defended this initiative in the plenary session of 25 September 2007. In her speech, Isaura Navarro stated that “on 18 July 1937 a team, Levante, won its only cup under the music of the official, legitimate and republican anthem of Riego. The memory of this event is part of the club’s history, but its fans are not satisfied with just knowing that it happened, they are demanding what is theirs, the right to enjoy the collective memory, as well as the public and official recognition of that victory”.

Unanimously, the proposition was approved by which the Royal Spanish Football Federation was urged to recognise as official the results of the competition that took place in 1937, among which was the Copa de la República won by Levante F.C. This was promoted by a later modification, on 3 October of the same year, by which it was specified that Congress was not the body responsible for making the competitions official, and that the Royal Federation was therefore solely responsible for carrying out the relevant procedures.