On the 6th of June 1971, the Levantines went to the granota stadium. The social masses responded to the dramatic call made by the club’s directors. The serious tone and urgency were justified by the conditions surrounding the match between Levante and Gimnástico de Tarragona. With both teams linked to the world of the Tercera División, defeat would be a severe penalty for the team that was unable to conjugate a win with victory. The team that failed could be plunged into a dreaded fight to avoid relegation to Regional Preferente. Those were dark days.

The record of the confrontation allows us to go back in time to the beginning of the 1970s. Promotion was a real possibility. The duel was presented without ambiguity. Life in a match; Levante’s survival was at stake. Salvador Mut went all over Valencia football and the majority of the fan clubs to alert them of the need to count on their support to face an enormous and superlative challenge. The goalkeeper took on board the policy put forward by the club with the aim of raising the awareness of the Levante social masses.

Mut did not face that appointment that was born from the tragedy. Lapiedra used the local framework as goalkeeper. Only one of the contestants could be saved. The passion that enveloped the blaugrana coliseum seemed justified. The stands of the Estadio Antonio Román were filled with Blue and Whites’ emblems long before the battle began. The fans, as the minutes state, invaded the pitch at the end of the match as a sign of jubilation at the victory (2-1). On the last matchday, Levante overcame a critical situation that had placed them on the verge of disappearance.