José Aubary Puig held the position of delegate of the Unión Deportiva Levante-Gimnástico at the beginning of the 1940s. Linked to the world of Gimnástico, he witnessed the merger of Levante F.C. and Gimnástico F.C. in August 1939.

In the new club, he held an important position in the technical organisation. The delegate became a link between the members of the squad and the top management.

José Aubary guarded the armband on his left arm for many years during the matches played by the team that emerged from the union of Levante and Gimnástico. It was a difficult time in a country undergoing reconstruction after the Civil War (1936-1939). His zeal prevented the loss of a relic that evokes a crucial moment in Levante U.D.’s history.

The armband recalls a football that is lost in the memory of time. Handmade, on a background with the colours of the Spanish flag, it is labelled in black and white, and handmade, with the title of official delegate of the U.D.L.G. club.