There was a time when Levante was Invincible and football, in its lower categories, was dominated in Valencia by a group of irreverent-thinking youngsters captured and adopted, for the cause of the marine institution, by the talent and intuition of Juan Catalán.

The legend of the Invincibles began to take shape with alacrity. There was no doubt. The footballers wore the Levante F.C. jersey to hold the metaphor of triumph.

The victories, notable and chained together, spread their fame to absorb the city and spread beyond its walls.

This took place during the 1923-1924 and 1924-1925 seasons. In those seasons they captivated the football discipline from the Campo de La Cruz. They spread their legend with the force of a shockwave to project themselves outwards and challenge the forces of teams with greater pedigree. The challenges became more complex.

The youth categories of Europa or Real Madrid passed through the Campo del Camino Hondo del Grao.

“The pride of the house”, the daily newspaper El Pueblo declared, praising their achievements. The Invincibles dominated the 1923-1924 Children’s Championship and won the third division competition in the 1924-1925 season. It was part of the legacy of a team that broke down the walls that distanced them from the first team. Most of its players defended the Levante shield in the following years, contributing to the remarkable growth experienced by the Poblados Marinos eleven.