In the year of Levante UD’s centenary, the Granota singer-songwriter Xavier Copado LLIURE released an exceptional album with ten songs (full of emotion and Levante sentiment) entitled AQUEST PRECIÓS ENCANT (This precious charm). Almost fourteen years have passed since it was recorded in 2009 and it is still as deeply rooted in the hearts of the Orriols fans as ever. There are ten songs of extraordinary musical quality with lyrics in which LLIURE sublimely synthesizes the granota’s idiosyncrasy.

Cover and back cover of the CD “Aquest preciós encant” published in 2009 by Xavier Copado LLIURE

And in one of these songs he could not fail to vindicate our great title: La Copa Presidente de la República – Copa de la España Libre de 1937. The second cut is entitled LA COPA ÉS NOSTRA (The Cup is ours) and in it the brilliant Granota singer-songwriter tells two things in a masterful way: He makes a magnificent semblance of the history of the tournament and firmly claims the legitimacy of a trophy that at that time was still not recognised to Levante UD.

n the images that accompany the song LA COPA ÉS NOSTRA in the video, you can see press cuttings of the scores of that championship that perhaps not many people know about. For example, in the previous league between the four participating teams (Levante, Valencia, Espanyol and Girona), the derbies in the city of Turia resulted in two scandalous wins for the Levante team over the Valencia team. In Mestalla they won by 0-4 and in Vallejo (remember that Gimnástico F.C. ceded their stadium to Levante for the whole tournament) the team from Cabanyal again thrashed the team from Valencia by an overwhelming 6-2.

And in the same video there is also a special tribute to the eleven players (with their positions on the pitch) who played in the final in Barcelona (18 July 1937) in which they again beat Valencia 1-0. Three games against the eternal rivals in that Copa de la España Libre with a balance of three wins, 11 goals scored (with striker Nieto in top form) and only 2 against.

On the left the lyrics of the song LA COPA ÉS NOSTRA, with LLIURE playing the guitar next to the Copa de España Libre. On the right in one of the many concerts he has given to the fans.

Finally, on 25 March 2023, the Royal Spanish Football Federation made official the legitimacy of this Spanish Cup, which allows Levante UD to be in a select group of 19 football clubs with a national title in their trophy cabinets. This recognition is reflected at the beginning and end of this video of the song LA COPA ÉS NOSTRA by the immortal Granota artist LLIURE. A genius who, by the way, in 2023 has just composed a new song: It is called ES FA LLEVANT (It’s Levante) and in it he once again captures better than anyone what it means to be a member of the oldest team in Valencian football. A song that is in the process of being recorded and for which this pro granota is looking for funding… I’m sure that Levante fans will soon give him all their support! This is the extraordinary chorus of this new granota anthem:

Es fa Llevant amb lona, amb sostre, al ras

Es fa Llevant amb fred, amb calor, amb bon estar

Es fa Llevant del pla a la Malva-rosa

del Cabanyal fins a la Penya Roja

del cor d’Orriols fins al mercat es fa Llevant