He is part of the select ‘One Club Man’; that is to say, he is included in that register that accentuates the feeling of belonging and loyalty that comes from having defended the shirt and the crest of the same entity during the entirety of a profound football career.

Agustín Dolz did so from the moment he donned the Levante F.C. shirt in the clarity of the early thirties. He never took it off again, despite the juicy offers he received from big clubs. His commitment prevented him from doing so. An exceptional witness to the history of the marine society, he experienced first-hand the merger of Levante F.C. and Gimnástico at the end of the Civil War.

The birth of U.D.L.G. (Unión Deportiva Levante-Gimnástico) and the definitive conversion into Levante U.D. did not go unnoticed in his eyes. Dolz was one of the players who won the Super-Regional Championship in the 1934-1935 season. In the Spanish Cup, he took part in the historic play-offs against Valencia and Barcelona that catapulted Levante F.C. to the semi-finals against Sadadell.
In July 1937, he capitalised on the action that led to Nieto’s goal in the Final of the Copa de la República. He successfully defended the U.D.L.G. goal in a titanic Copa del Generalísimo tie against Espanyol.

He fought with honour at the Campo de La Cruz and went to the Vallejo stadium in the forties to gird himself with the blue and white stripes of Levante U.D. He did not leave the pitch until the beginning of the fifties. And his farewell was momentary. Dolz swapped the cleats for the status of everlasting assistant coach and occasional coach. The contracts shown here are from his last period as a Levante player.