They do not speak, but they are the guardians of memory. The coats of arms of Levante F.C. and Gimnástico F.C. guard a history full of emotion that has acquired a patina of effervescence in the present. The shields have aged gracefully to seduce eternity. They rebel against the merciless passage of time. They are part of the context of the Copa de La República.

In fact, they are the epilogue to the Copa, which meant the enthronement of Levante F.C. after the outstanding victory over Valencia (1-0) at the Sarrià stadium in the Final of the tournament. The pennants commemorate a date full of symbolism. It is a testament to the excellent relations between the two clubs on those harrowing days. On that summer Sunday, Gimnástico and Levante players converged on the Vallejo coliseum to face each other.

It was a friendly match that was intended as a tribute to Levante F.C. after they had won the title. According to press reports, the dean’s team took to the pitch reinforced with players who were on the roster of Valencia and Real Madrid. No obstante, era un agasajo compartido por las dos instituciones de la ciudad del Turia. In the decisive clash against Valencia in July 1937 at the Espanyol stadium, Gimnástico F.C. and Levante F.C. were represented, despite fighting under the Blue and Whites’ flag.

It was an event that made the competition unique. The Blue and Reds and the maritime joined forces to compete in the Copa de La República. It was a special afternoon for Nieto. As a player who was part of the Gymnastician universe, he capitalised on an action cooked up on the boots of Dolz to seal Levante’s victory. It was not an isolated case.

That match was an ode to attacking football at its best. There were no harnesses to contain the players’ excitement. The two teams laid siege to each other’s goals to produce an opulent four-goal draw that the crowd would recognise. As El Mundo Deportivo reports, the two sides exchanged “artistic banners” in the build-up to the clash. There were moments of epic proportions. Levante F.C. were invested with the laurel wreath after receiving the Cup donated by the President of the Republic.