The trophy, which sanctions the achievement of the championship in the Silver category of the 2016-2017 season, shines on the main floor of the institution.

The trophy condenses the evolution of a stratospheric season. Nothing could stop the impetus of an overwhelming Levante side that tried to recapture the lost threshold of the top flight from the first breath of the competition.

This was clearly expressed in their landing at Los Pajaritos in Numancia (0-1) in the epiphany of La Liga. It was a superb exercise marked by the mental and emotional strength of a team that took on the magnitude of the challenge.

It is not usually easy to return to the top rung of the football ladder when you have just come off the cliff. However, that axiom exploded into a thousand pieces in a titanic exercise.

There is a process of acclimatisation that Levante banished by appealing to rigour and commitment. Muñiz’s squad took it upon themselves each week to tighten the ties that bound them to a space from which they wished to flee. And that is no contradiction.

The team took the lead in the opening days after showing their arguments and capabilities against Real Zaragoza (4-2). The block reduced a team labelled as contenders in one of the most heated clashes of the season. They never left the top of the table again.

The match against Real Oviedo marked the paradigm of this evident solvency. Sergio Postigo’s goal (1-0) squared the circle. The goal established a transition with six games left in the season.