On Sunday 2 February 1964, Pontevedra and Levante had a league fixture on Galician soil. The old Pasarón Stadium was the setting for a match in the First Division. The pennant recovers the essence of a duel that dates back to the nineteenth day of the league competition in 1963-1964. The pennant honours the presence of the Levante institution. The predominant colour is the maroon that characterises Pontevedra and its coat of arms. At the bottom of the banner is the chronology of the match.

The granota club arrived in a stadium that they had never played in before as a top flight tenant. That match ended in a draw (1-1). Serafín finished off a move started by Domínguez before the first half was over. José Jorge equalised in the opening stages of the second half. The scoreline at the legendary Pasarón remained unchanged, despite the chances created by both sides in the final stages of the match.

Levante took their fourth point of the season away from home, thanks to draws away from Vallejo against Espanyol, Zaragoza and Athletic Club. As the second half of the season dawned, Quique’s side were clinging on to the Primera Division for their debut in the elite. Pontevedra, a classic of the top flight in the 1960s, marked Levante’s fate that season. The Blue and Reds inaugurated the sequence of victories in the First Division against the maroon team in the Vallejo Coliseum (3-1). It was on matchday four.

Levante landed in Pontevedra after beating Valencia (1-0) in the first derby in the top flight played on Blue and Reds’ territory and reinforced the point gained in Galicia with a remarkable victory over Murcia (3-0). The Granta team managed to consolidate their position in the mid-table in their first adventure in the top flight.