Levante U.D. faced the ninth matchday of the league with great aspirations in the league, especially considering the good dynamic of the team after beating Alavés at the blaugrana’s home ground and profaning the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.

Oier Olazábal had defended the blaugrana goal as the starting goalkeeper in all the previous matchdays and, the good position of the team, as well as his good performances, gave him the possibility of getting a new starting place in the clash at the home of the white team.

The main objective was clear: although it would be difficult to achieve it, to continue adding points in order to quickly reach the milestones set at the beginning of the season and, why not, to try to remember and relive the European nights at the Ciutat de València.

Early goals from Morales and Roger paved the way for an exciting second win at the Santiago Bernabeu, for which the fans had had to wait more than 10 years, like the one the club had won in 2006-07 after a penalty scored by striker Salva Ballesta.

Although conditions looked favourable, Levante were able to suffer at the Santiago Bernabeu for much of the first half and the fullness of the second. Oier was a first-hand witness to the onslaught from the Whites, but he was able to keep the result intact, which moved Levante up to eighth place in the league table.