The number 23 has been anchored in the memory of Levante fans since the epiphany of the third millennium. It was the digit that distinguished Iñaki Descarga during his time with the club. It was a total of eight seasons since he joined the Orriols club from Eibar. This shirt recreates the battle that Levante fought against C.D. Castellón in a duel linked to the Silver Division. It happened during the 2005-2006 season. That confrontation dates back to Sunday 9 April 2006.

The geographical distance between the capital of La Plana and Valencia is barely 60 kilometres. However, the differences were quantitative by virtue of the challenges posed by each of the contenders. The Castalia Coliseum was the epicentre of a clash of antagonistic views. The undeniable value of the victory and the value of the three points converged. The discrepancy was in the projections. Levante were trying to get back on track for promotion after the heavy defeat against Almeria at the Ciutat the previous week (2-4).

There was no other justification than a return to the threshold of the First Division after a short-lived spell in the 2004-2005 season. Castellón were re-emerging after a disastrous first round of the competition. Gone was the precipice of the Second Division B after many seasons wandering in that space. Unrest marked the conclusion of the match (0-0). Nobody was able to subdue their opponent on the pitch. The definitive draw seemed to distance Levante and Castellón from their challenges as the calendar looked ahead to the 32nd matchday.

The league competition was nearing its twilight. However, emotions changed in the following weeks. Levante took 23 points in the last ten games. Castellón took 21 points in the same sequence to reach a utopian permanence. In Lleida, the Granota squad in the last match of the league depended exclusively on their movements to see the Liga de las Estrellas. Riga’s goal in a muddled action was perhaps the metaphor for an exercise characterised by extreme suffering.